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Emergency First Response along with Palmetto Training is one of the leading providers of health and safety training that meets OSHA guidlines as well as many other professional and regulatory standards.


About our courses, Emergency First Response courses combine Adult, Child and Infant CPR and First Aid skills, and have the option of including Automated External Difibrillator (AED) training and Emergency oxygen use.  They can be taught as stand alon courses or in combination.  We can customize our course delivery to meet your training needs.

EFR Care for Children Course:

The EFR Care for Children course is a innovative CPR, AED and First Aid training course that teachesyou how to provide emergency care for ill and injured children and infants, You'll learn the types of medical emergencies children face and how they differ from adult conditions.  the course also addresses the emotional aspects of caring for children, secondary care for children and preventing common injuries and illnesses in children.  the course both first aid and CPR skills along with AED use.   The Primary Care portion of the course prepares you to render aid to an infant or child with a life threatening emergency such as choking or cardiac arrest.  Secondary Care focuses on developing secondary paitent care skills and building your confidence to give first aid to an infant or child in need.  The Care for Children Course content is based on guidlines from the Pediatric Working Group of ILCOR.

Adult Primary (CPR) / Secondary Care ( First AID):

The EFR Primary Care teaches you to respond to life threatening emergencies, and gives you confidence in your abilityto provide care when an emergency situation arises.  Some of the skills you'll learn in this course, include, scene safety assessment, communicable disease protection, obstructed airway, CPR, shock, serious bleeding and spinal injury management.  AED and emergency oxygen administration are optional.

Adult Secondary Care Course ( First Aid):

The EFR Secondary Care (First Aid) covers injuries and illnesses that are not life threatening.  In this course you'll learn injury assessment, illness assessment, bandaging and splinting.  the manual also includes extensive referance information about first aid in specific situations.

CPR / AED Stand-Alone work place Course:

This course is a stand-alone CPR &  AED course.  It encompasses one and two rescuer CPR and AED training for adults with the option to include infants and children.  This is an ideal course for businesses that need to meet compliance requirements while miniumizing time spent away from the job. 

CPR / AED for Professional Rescuers and Health Cre Providers:                        

This course is a combination of Primary and Secondary care.  As an EMT, Firefighter, Athletic Trainer, CNA's, LPN's or Lifeguard, it is your duty to respond to cardiac or breathing emergencies until more advanced medical personal care can take over.  From assessing needs and making decisions to providing care, this program provides the skills you need through classroom discussion, video and hands-on training based on real-life rescue scenarios.  Course covers adults, children and infants. and the use of bag-valve-mask (BVM's)

Wilderness and Remote First Aid:

This course is designed for scout leader, scouts, outdoor enthusiasts and anyone who works or spends time in remote enviroments.  In this course you'll learn advanced skills to be used in emergencies when professional help may be far away.  

Palmetto CPR Training provides training in different formats and delivery options:

Full Service Training - Provided at your location and at your convenience by our qualified 

Community Classes -  you can send your to one of our regular scheduled classes in your area.

Classroom and Independant study - Some of our courses can be taken by independant study for
ease and convenience.  The courses that require physical skills portion are offered in a blended learning format in which the basic material is taught by independant study and the skill portion is practiced in a classroom setting.
Single Account for Multiple Locations - We offer companies with multiple locations the convenience of a single account package (one fee, one invoice and one point of contact).






Please Call or email for pricing to meet your companys needs.

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